Does Cold Calling Still Work?

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Is Cold Calling Now Dead? New Prospecting Strategies for Sales Teams

Cold calling has long been a staple technique for sales teams looking to connect with new prospects. However, changes in technology and buyer behavior have made this form of outreach less effective over time. According to recent surveys, over 90% of people do not answer calls from unknown numbers. So is cold calling now officially dead?

While cold calling is no longer the sales panacea it once was, sales teams still need ways to efficiently reach and engage new prospects. Here are some modern prospecting strategies that can supplement or replace cold calling:

Leverage Video and Screencasts

Buyers want to quickly understand what you offer and how it can help them. Sales reps can create personalized video messages to introduce themselves and demonstrate their solution or service. Tools like Event Anywhere allow recording, sharing, and tracking customized videos at scale.

Screen sharing is another visual medium for sales teams. By walking prospects through a product demo or capabilities overview, reps can provide value upfront. Follow up calls become more of a two-way discussion rather than a cold sales pitch. You can create screencasts using the Event Anywhere Screen Recorder for Google Chrome.

Enable Self-Service Booking

Repeat cold calling to connect with prospects is frustrating for both sides. Self-service scheduling eliminates constant back-and-forth by empowering prospects to book meetings when it suits them.

Sales reps can share booking links via email campaigns or LinkedIn outreach. Prospects then select a meeting slot on the rep’s calendar, removing the need for constant follow up.

Offer Instant Video Meetings

When prospects are ready to engage, they expect conversations to start immediately. Embedding video call buttons on websites, emails, and other touchpoints lets prospects connect face-to-face with reps in an instant.

These real-time video meetings are more personal than cold calls and build rapport more quickly. Plus, reps save time not having to coordinate schedules.

Focus on Value Over Interruption

Ultimately, the reason cold calling annoys prospects is that it interrupts them without clear value. Each prospecting touchpoint should focus on delivering helpful information rather than a hard sales push.

Whether it’s educational content, product demos, or market insights, lead with value. Meetings will become conversations rather than one-sided sales pitches.

While cold calling isn’t going away entirely, sales teams now have more options to open new doors. Rethinking prospecting strategies with an eye toward value, visualization, and self-service can make connecting with potential customers easier than ever.

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