Case study: Strategie 2050

Strategie 2050

Strategie 2050 – a series of events being held by Polish political movement and organization Polska 2050 – chose Event Anywhere to host their latest in a series of debates on domestic issues, with this one being on environmental issues, such as waste incineration.

With Event Anywhere, Strategie 2050 successfully hosted their virtual debate using the live stage, hosting over 70+ concurrent users on the platform during a single session.


Needed a solution to host their debate on domestic environmental issues, requiring a live stage with chat functionality that could host a panel and engage with the audience, taking questions in-real time using the chat panel on the live stage.


Event Anywhere hosted a single live debate using our live stage functionality, with a panel presenting one-to-many while interacting and taking questions from the audience using the chat panel.


Event was a success, hosting upwards of 70+ active users concurrently on the platform.

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Industry: Political organization

Location: Poland

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