Eliminate Context Switching With A Platform That Does It All

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You start your day in Google Calendar. Perhaps you switch to Zoom and then set your availability in Calendly. Vimeo is used to upload a couple of videos before you return to Slack to catch up on some group messaging. 

There are two views when it comes to software. One is to have a specialist product for a task. And then through integration APIs, you connect different platforms to communicate and collaborate. The second is to have one platform which does most of the things you need

There is no right or wrong answer for this, but having all your applications in a single browser tab has distinct advantages. Firstly, there is no context switching between one application and the next. Switching platforms has a cognitive load on your brain, not to mention the need to learn different user interfaces. You also have to manage monthly software subscription costs for multiple applications rather than one.

Secondly, by having all your apps on one platform, all your data is in one place. This leads to richer, more robust analytics. Instead of having to use a third-party tool such as Tableau to consolidate your data, you already have everything in one application. 

Power users will say that you have to have one specialist application for each specific task. For example, rather than using Google Tasks, you should use Jira because it is more sophisticated. But the truth is most users don’t fully utilize the entire depth of functionality of the software they use. It comes back to the 80:20 rule: 80% of users use 20% of the capability of a platform. For instance, power users might create sophisticated pivot tables and macros in Excel, but most users simply sort columns, add columns up, and perhaps output a graph or two here and there. 

If you are a superuser or a specialist, it’s still best to stick to applications that best serve your needs — applications where you can go deep into the software and maximize it to an advanced level.

On the other hand, if you are a day-to-day typical user, buying software where you have three or four core applications in one can save you a lot of time and money. Your monthly software bills will be reduced and you will only have to learn one application rather than several software suites. 

Event Anywhere is an all-in-one platform that combines video meetings (like Zoom/Google Meet), video hosting (like Vimeo/YouTube), messaging (like Slack), and calendar availability (like Calendly). In addition, there is functionality for live video streaming to large audiences and virtual event networking. All your data is in one place so you can produce useful reports with ease. 

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