How to promote your virtual event with video messages

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Most virtual events that you get invited to – whether these are webinars, roundtables, or conferences – send out text-based emails and invites. If you, like me, get hundreds of these invites each month, it can be very hard to differentiate between them, as none of them stand out. This is because these invitations lack personality, making them ineffectual at promoting your event.

Sending a video message inviting people to your virtual event is a more personable way to influence people and gain their commitment to attend. Promoting your virtual event by video also helps to differentiate it from other similar events.

Alongside a video message, you can attach a hyperlink for people to register. A prospective attendee receives your email message, clicks the link to play a pre-recorded video, and then subsequently clicks the link to register their interest in your event.

Below are 4 simple steps on how are you can create video messages to make your virtual event.

Step 1: Create your event site

Create your event site for free by clicking our “Host a free event” button. The process is simple, taking now more than a few minutes to create and brand your very own event and community site.

Step 2: Record a promotional video

Navigate to the “My Videos” and click the blue video icon to record your video. You will need to allow your microphone and camera when I asked permission. Once you’ve recorded your video, click save changes to it to your event’s timeline.

Step 3: Make your video public

You can now share your video by clicking the share icon. Once clicked, set your video to public, making it available to everyone to view. After this, simply click the hyperlink icon to generate a URL that you can copy and paste into your email invitation.

Step 4: Share your video

Finish by completing your email subject, body text with the video message URL. You’ll also want to add a call to action, prompting recipients to play your video.

You’re done. You’ve now created a personable invite to your virtual event. Your message will stand out from the crowd because you’re leveraging the power video.

Planning a virtual event right now?

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