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In the old world, employees were rewarded for staying in the office and working long hours. Companies stuffed their canteens with food and freebies to encourage employees to stay in the office. Other schemes like cycle to work and staff socials are often used to make businesses a great place to work. In a new world where the office is empty companies need to think about how to attract and retain their talent.

Working from home can give you many advantages, including being your own boss. You can set your own hours, wear whatever you want and eat whatever you want. But there are also challenges to working from home, such as not having a community of coworkers around you.

The modern office is changing rapidly as more companies adopt flexible working practices and remote teams. In this new world, it’s more important than ever for businesses to understand what their employees need to feel engaged, motivated and happy. If they can’t attract and retain talent, they won’t be able to grow their businesses or compete with rivals who do have the right people in place. Afterall, changing jobs is as easy as changing email addresses when you work from home so organizations must create a differentiated employee experience.

The Employee Experience Platform

A great employee experience platform helps you build a meaningful relationship between your business and your employees. It’s a way for you to better understand how they’re feeling and thinking, and why they’re feeling that way. And it’s a way for you to give them the tools they need to get more out of their time at work, whether that’s by making it easier for them to communicate, collaborate, or communicate with customers.

It can help you create an environment where people feel supported and invested in. With an employee experience platform, there are no more surprises—you’ll know who’s having trouble with what before it becomes a problem. You’ll know when someone needs their workload adjusted so they can be more productive. You’ll know who’s likely to leave so you can start preparing yourself for their departure (and maybe even find something better suited for them).

The employee experience is more than just the technology you use to complete your work. It’s about how you feel when you’re doing it.

The right employee experience platform can help your employees feel supported, respected, and well-equipped to get their work done—no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

And when your employees are happy with their workplace, they’ll be happier at home.

Engagement and Identifying Future Leaders

Employee engagement is important because it’s the key to creating a workplace culture that nurtures and develops your employees. When people are engaged at work, they feel that their efforts are appreciated and valued, and they have an opportunity to advance in their careers.

A disengaged employee is more likely to be unhappy with their job, less committed to staying at the company, and less likely to do what it takes to stay successful. A large-scale survey of 1 million companies found that the top reason for staff churn was “disengagement.”

It’s important to listen to your staff at scale—and not just when someone complains or leaves. You need a way of collecting data about how happy everyone is and what changes would improve things for them. You need a way of identifying who is actively disengaged—and who might be ready for promotion into leadership roles.

But how do you know all this? How do you know who is happy and who is actively disengaged? How can you reduce staff churn? How can you identify future leaders?

Employee Experience Platform
Listen to Employees at Scale with an Employee Experience Platform

Listen to Your Employees at Scale

Have you ever felt like your team is too far away? That you can’t see what they’re doing, or make sure they’re doing it right? Have you ever wanted to share a new idea with your team and had no way to do it without a meeting? Or maybe you’re just trying to figure out how to get everyone on the same page.

With Event Anywhere, managers and peers can listen to each other every day through voice notes on public timelines for company-wide announcements, in private groups or in one-to-one direct messages. Not only can you listen to your staff but you can see them and their work through videos and screencasts. This approach brings about transparency whilst keeping people connected for flexible work from home or in the office.

Event Anywhere supports both async communication and live video calls and more. The all-in-one platform means you can communicate, collaborate and keep your workforce engaged all from one platform. Analytics show you who is contributing the most to a conversation through posts, listens and plays. The best employee ideas are surfaced at the top through likes and all messages are transcribed enabling powerful search.

We are in the business of helping companies make sure that their employees are happy and engaged. This way, employees will feel more supported and will be able to do their best work.

We believe that it is important for companies to listen to their employees, and not just read through a text-based employee survey. After all, it is much better to listen to a human voice than it is to read through a survey when trying to understand people’s feelings.

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