Case study: Silicon Mill

Silicon Mill

Silicon Mill is a bi-monthly, regional tech startup networking event for entrepreneurs, founders, and investors, for Yorkshire and the North East.

Event Anywhere provided the technology needed to host meetings, breakout sessions, and virtual one-to-one networking with intuitive participant matchmaking.

Silicon Mill live stage


  • Needed a virtual event platform to run breakout sessions and networking with participant matchmaking, for a bi-monthly regional tech startup networking event.


  • Event Anywhere hosted 3x simultaneous meeting sessions for up to 20 participants per room
  • Event Anywhere provided a 100+ seat virtual networking hall, hosting a successful post-event attendee networking session.
  • Event Anywhere provided a one-to-one virtual networking solution with matchmaking, pairing participants based on sector, industry, and specialism.


  • Event continues to be a success, and has become one of the region’s go-to, regular events for local tech startups.

Next steps

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Industry: Business networking

Location: West Yorkshire, UK

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