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Online Communities are Defensible  

An online community is one of the most defensible assets a company or organization can have when it comes to differentiation and retaining members or customers. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Unique Value Proposition: An online community provides a unique value proposition that sets a company or organization apart from its competitors. By fostering a sense of belonging and facilitating meaningful connections among members, the community becomes a distinct offering that cannot be easily replicated. This exclusivity and personalized engagement create a strong differentiation factor, attracting and retaining members or customers who seek a deeper and more fulfilling experience.
  2. Emotional Connection and Loyalty: Building a vibrant online community fosters emotional connections between members and the company or organization. Through shared interests, common goals, and ongoing interactions, community members develop a sense of loyalty and attachment. This emotional bond leads to increased customer retention, as members feel a strong connection to the community and are less likely to switch to competitors. The community becomes a trusted space where members can engage, seek support, and receive valuable insights, further reinforcing their loyalty.
  3. Continuous Engagement and Learning: An online community provides a platform for ongoing engagement and continuous learning. By facilitating discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, the community becomes a valuable resource for members. They can learn from industry experts, exchange ideas with like-minded individuals, and stay updated on the latest trends and developments. This continuous engagement not only enhances the overall member experience but also increases their perceived value of the company or organization, making them more likely to remain active and loyal.

Free Platforms, but Adverts Get in the Way

While social media platforms have their advantages, these limitations and challenges can hinder the creation of a focused and controlled community experience. This is where Event Anywhere comes in to solve these problems and provide a robust community engagement platform.

Event Anywhere offers a dedicated and customizable community platform that allows you to build and manage your online community without the distractions of advertisements. By using Event Anywhere, you can create a controlled environment where community members can engage with each other and your content without the interference of ads. This ensures a seamless and focused experience for community members, promoting meaningful interactions and discussions.

Moreover, Event Anywhere provides you with full control over the platform’s functionalities and policies. You can customize the look and feel of your community, tailor branding to align with your goals, and define the user experience. Unlike social media platforms, Event Anywhere allows you to create a unique community space that reflects your community’s values and objectives.

Data privacy and security are also prioritized on Event Anywhere. The platform ensures that user data is handled securely and respects privacy concerns. This instils trust among community members, encouraging their active participation and contribution to the community.

By using Event Anywhere, you are not dependent on a single platform. The platform is designed to be reliable and independent, ensuring that your community remains accessible and functional even if other social media platforms experience downtime or policy changes. You have ownership over your community and its content, reducing the risk of losing access to your community due to external factors.

Event Anywhere is a powerful community engagement platform designed to enhance your event hosting experience and foster ongoing engagement between events. With its wide range of features and benefits, Event Anywhere provides a comprehensive solution for creating a vibrant and interactive community.

Host Events

Event Anywhere allows you to effortlessly host events of any scale. Whether it’s a conference, seminar, workshop, or networking session, you can easily create and manage events within the platform.

All Hands Meetings with Polls Helps Drive Engagement
Live Stage with Polls Helps Drive Community Engagement

Async Videos

Keep the engagement alive between events by sharing asynchronous videos. This feature enables you to pre-record informative sessions, presentations, or interviews, which attendees can access at their convenience. It ensures continuous learning and interaction within the community.

Mark Tock, COO, Nexus Leeds, Guest Speaker Preview, Silicon Mill Conference
Community Members can post videos on the community public timeline, in chat or in groups

Bookings System

Event Anywhere offers a seamless booking system that allows participants to schedule appointments, meetings, or one-on-one sessions with each other. This feature promotes networking and facilitates meaningful connections.

Hiring with async video and recording interviews
Go from async video messaging to booking live video meetings with your community members

Video Calls

Engage directly with community members through video calls. Whether it’s a quick conversation or an in-depth discussion, Event Anywhere provides a user-friendly interface for video communication, enabling face-to-face interactions from anywhere in the world.

Online Presence Tracking

Stay informed about community members’ activity within the platform. Event Anywhere allows you to see who is currently online and when they were last active. You can also view their name, job title, and company, which facilitates targeted networking opportunities.


Seamlessly connect with online members through a click-to-dial feature. By simply clicking on their profile, you can initiate a call directly within the platform, enhancing communication and fostering collaboration.

Video Messages, Voice Notes, and Chat

Event Anywhere enables community members to engage with each other through various communication channels. Whether it’s sending video messages, voice notes, or using the chat feature, participants can easily interact, share ideas, and collaborate.

Webinars and Live Streaming

The platform includes a live stage feature that enables you to host webinars and stream talks or presentations in real-time. This engaging format allows for interactive Q&A sessions and live discussions, enhancing the event experience.

Video Networking and Breakouts

Foster stronger connections within your community through video networking and breakouts. Participants can engage in smaller group discussions, networking sessions, or collaborative activities, providing an opportunity for deeper engagement.

Social Wall and Public Announcements Event Anywhere offers a social wall where community members can share updates, announcements, or interesting content. This feature encourages community-wide participation and facilitates information sharing.

Let your community network in video breakout rooms
Let your community network in video breakout rooms

Community Groups

Create specialized groups within your community for focused discussions and forums. These groups allow participants with shared interests or objectives to interact, share knowledge, and collaborate effectively.

Live Polls

Engage your audience during live online events with interactive live polls. This feature allows you to gather real-time feedback, opinions, and insights, making your events more interactive and inclusive.

Event Control Panel
Insights to your community with analytics on which content is being consumed both on-demand and live

Analytics and Reporting

Event Anywhere provides comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities. You can track attendance at online events, monitor video plays, and gain valuable insights into community engagement. This data helps you measure the impact of your events and make informed decisions.

Event Anywhere is a versatile community engagement platform that combines event hosting capabilities with ongoing engagement features. By leveraging its diverse set of tools, you can create an interactive, connected, and thriving community, fostering meaningful relationships and knowledge sharing among participants.

Signing up for Event Anywhere is a simple and free process that allows you to quickly create an online community and start inviting members to join. To get started, visit the Event Anywhere website and navigate to the sign-up page. Fill in the required information, including your name, email address, and desired community name.

Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, you can start building your community by inviting members through self-registration. Event Anywhere provides you with the tools to easily share registration links or embed registration forms on your website or social media platforms. Members can then sign up and join your community with a few simple steps, creating a seamless onboarding experience.

With Event Anywhere, you have the flexibility to offer both live and on-demand community-building experiences. The platform supports live events, webinars, and streaming sessions, allowing you to engage with your community in real-time. Additionally, you can leverage the asynchronous video feature to share pre-recorded content, ensuring members can access valuable resources and engage at their own pace.

By utilizing Event Anywhere’s self-registration and community-building capabilities, you can efficiently grow your online community while offering a range of interactive experiences. Whether it’s live interactions or on-demand content, Event Anywhere empowers you to create a dynamic and engaging community environment. Start your journey with Event Anywhere today and unlock the potential of online community building.

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