Zoom Calls Taking Over Our Lives

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All Hands Meetings with Polls Helps Drive Engagement
All Hands Meetings with Polls Helps Drive Engagement

Virtual communication has become a necessity for most of us due to the pandemic. Zoom has become an essential tool for communication, especially for work-related activities. However, as useful as Zoom is, it also presents unique challenges. One of the most significant challenges is the tendency for the four loudest people on a call to dominate the conversation, leaving little room for others to speak.

To address this issue, breaking out into smaller groups is a practical solution. According to a recent study, people in smaller groups have a greater chance to speak, making the conversation more productive. Smaller groups also provide a more intimate setting for brainstorming, allowing participants to bounce ideas off each other more effectively.

However, it’s not enough to break out into smaller groups. Building a social structure virtually at work is also crucial. Encouraging friendships at work is vital for driving happiness and productivity, as good friends are willing to drop anything to help each other. One way to encourage social structures is through virtual team-building activities. Searches for “virtual team-building” increased by 1200% in 2020. These activities allow colleagues to get to know each other personally, building trust, which can translate into better collaboration and communication at work.

Virtual Coffee Breakouts
Virtual Coffee Breakouts Bring Back Spontaneous Conversations

Virtual coffee breaks have also become popular. These short, 15-minute sessions allow colleagues to catch up and chat about non-work-related topics, creating a more relaxed atmosphere and fostering connections between team members. A survey found that 77% of remote workers believe that virtual coffee breaks help them feel more connected to their colleagues.

Loneliness is also a common issue among remote workers, with 62% of them reporting feeling lonely due to the lack of social interaction in the workplace. Building relationships with colleagues is essential for job satisfaction, according to 85% of employees. A survey found that 79% of employees believe that virtual team-building activities improve communication and collaboration, increasing productivity by up to 25%, according to a study.

Having a best friend at work can increase job satisfaction by up to 50%, according to a study. Encouraging friendships and building social structures virtually at work are crucial for driving happiness and productivity. As the use of virtual communication is expected to continue even after the pandemic, with the market expected to reach $6.37 billion by 2026, it is essential to address these challenges and build strong relationships with colleagues, ultimately benefiting everyone.

Zoom presents unique challenges, they can be overcome by breaking out into smaller groups and building a social structure virtually at work. These strategies can help everyone have a chance to speak, drive happiness and productivity, and improve collaboration and communication.

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