Event Anywhere Founder Sean Gilligan Demos Our Latest Feature Release: Exhibition Halls

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If, like many of us, you’ll be attending many scheduled meetings each day. These meetings are usually linear and scheduled via the calendars, with specific times.

But video meetings don’t always have to be scheduled and linear. They can be non-linear and free-flowing.

Business networking, exhibition conventions, social meet-ups, and career fairs are all examples of meetings that are better served by a virtual exhibition hall.

Virtual exhibition halls from Event Anywhere

Expo halls offer a way to provide attendees and sponsors a way to interact and connect, bringing added value and interactivity to your virtual event or remote office.

Wandering a virtual expo hall offers a different video experience, breaking us away from the new video normal we have all become accustomed to.

The number of tables, table size, and branding are all customizable and configurable, giving you the freedom to set up your exhibition hall the way you want it – making it your own.

Each stand is represented by a virtual table, which users interact with by simply clicking on a vacant chair to sit down and join the conversation.

It’s also possible to add empty tables, giving attendees, colleagues, and other participants the ability to organically meet to discuss a range of topics independently from the event taking place around them.

How does it work?

To see exhibition halls in action, you can view the video below from our founder Sean Gilligan, who walks you through the latest feature release of our virtual event platform.

Next steps

Event Anywhere is an all-in-one virtual events platform that makes online events more personal.

It has all the features and functionality needed to make your future events a success, offering an end-to-end solution that makes organizing and running virtual events a breeze.

Planning a virtual event right now? Speak with our virtual event consultants who are on-hand to help get you started with Event Anywhere.

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Sean Alexander Roberts January 28, 2021

Compliments firstly to Sean Gilligan on his work at Webanywhere, I feel very privileged to have been asked to comment on Sean’s work, For me personally, I would always choose a live event again that’s personal preference however today we live in an age where convenience is everything and virtual events are the new frontier in the events industry but first they must recognise that it’s a marathon not a sprint to success , with the events industry currently, I believe that the Virtual/Hybrid models of events we speak about are the lifeline to which events companies can proser once again , I would always choose live events as I have mentioned previously however we have been shown once again that the power of the internet as a superior form of communication. it will grow stronger and stronger in my opinion and for this we have alot to thankful for , I wish Sean Gilligan all the very best in this venture and that there are many prosperous years ahead in the event managment industry regardless of which mode or model we choose to follow


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