Give Meetings a Power Boost with Screencasts

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Conducting management meetings via Simulive means that you can use Screencasts to present your slides on demand. In Simulive, your presentation is pre recorded but your team is present in a live video meeting. By playing Screencasts instead of sharing your screen, you are able to keep your presentation timely and efficient. What’s more, some people are not confident presenting, so the ability to pre-record their presentations can help remove anxiety and drive quality.

Screencasts also allow people to watch your presentation before the meeting or play it back on-demand afterward. How many times have you been on a video call where you have to wait for people to share screens and find the correct document before they start? Other times, you will have seen people get blown off-course by too many questions on one slide. Meetings can run way past the allotted time, and all of this ultimately costs you money.

Screencasts allow you to present people’s slides when they are sick or absent due to holidays. Diary clashes matter less, and you can have a person present live in one meeting while presenting in another via on-demand playback at the same time.

If you are short on time, you can increase the playback speed to turn a 3-minute presentation into 2 minutes. Now, I wouldn’t increase the speed if your audience members are non-native speakers. However, people who are comfortable with faster playbacks can take advantage of this as a time-saving hack. After all, we can listen 10 times faster than we can speak.

In conclusion, Screencasts supports flexible work, promotes better preparation for meetings, and ensures your meetings start and end on time. Presenters can run through their presentations before sharing for checking and self-reflection. All of this drives quality and helps everyone build more engaging presentations.

It is often said that the most effective people write things down, but it’s not a reach to say that the most effective people also screencast!

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