Importance of Virtual Events for Remote Work Engagement

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16% of companies around the world are completely remote. And 74% of the workforce says that the option to work from home would make them stay at a company

Every work situation now involves remote working in some capacity. While it has proved imperative in helping companies operate in the uncertain times of the pandemic, it also suffers some obvious drawbacks. 

Virtual events are an excellent way to counter those drawbacks and bring the whole team together. Let us take a look at why you need virtual events at your workplace today.


5 Reasons why virtual events are important for remote work engagement

Virtual events involve the entire team to help unite the workforce. They help them collaborate better and boost productivity. They are also quite convenient to hold where everyone can chime in from the comfort of their homes.

Here are the top reasons why virtual events are important for remote work and engagement:


  • Promote workplace collaboration

One of the major drawbacks to remote working is not having everyone in the room together to brainstorm. You may send text messages or even voice or video messages to convey your point, but it doesn’t have the same energy.

Virtual events promote workplace collaboration and allow teams to have those brainstorming sessions while not requiring them to physically be there. They can interact at the same time and understand each other better.


  • Boost the morale of employees 

Around two-thirds of the people working from home have reported feeling lonely at least some times. This can dampen their morale.

By interacting with their team in real-time, employees get to break the ice, so to speak, and gain confidence around their colleagues.

Virtual events can be held for both work-related matters and fun activities meant for leisure. They help employees feel like they belong to a team and boost morale.


  • Promote creativity

Virtual events essentially bring the element of physical working conditions to the remote setting: being around people. Brainstorming together helps bring innovation to daily work practices and promotes creativity.

People can share their ideas in real-time and receive feedback to improve. Similarly, they can also help others improve their skills. 

Leisure events such as playing games together on virtual events also help in refreshing the minds of the workers. It helps in fostering creativity as people will be in jovial moods as they return back to work.


  • Enhance productivity levels

Around 90% of the people who use video conferencing say that it enhances productivity. Virtual events help speed up completion times on projects.

Everyone present at an event can report their progress and ask questions in case they need help with their work. Team managers can address general concerns at once to their team without having to reach out to every single participant.

If the event is recorded, workers can easily go back and consume important information at their own pace to understand it better. 


  • Help in building diverse relationships 

As mentioned above, working remotely can often feel lonely. Virtual events, video conferencing in particular, have helped 35% of people who use them feel included in their company culture.

Virtual events help employees interact freely. They may talk about projects they are doing and understand each other’s roles. They may even interact outside of work topics and form bonds with one another.

It reinforces a positive work culture. People understand each other and their values and work together better. They may even compete in a healthy, that can help boost their productivity. 



Virtual events have been a staple in post-pandemic work situations.

They are fairly easy to organise as people can participate from their homes. Moreover, they offer excellent opportunities to engage workers in meaningful ways.

People can work more efficiently by connecting through virtual events as well as forming long-lasting relationships.

Virtual events can play a pivotal role in creating a positive work environment and boosting a company’s productivity. 

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