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It’s official – virtual events are the new ground zero for professionals. What started as a temporary solution to keep us afloat in uncertain times, is now touted as the new normal, and well, no one’s complaining.

Virtual events are here to stay and the reason is simple – they hold the power to transform the way we work. By cutting costs and increasing accessibility, digital tools are what the corporate world needs to hit the ground running. 

But despite their surging popularity, virtual events remain relatively new to the corporate world. Many companies struggle to effectively manage them, leading to poor ROI.

So how can companies make the most of virtual events? The answer is easy. They need to get their hands on the best virtual events platform possible. 

And the good news? You no longer need to scour the internet for virtual event software that can streamline the complete process – it’s already here: Event Anywhere.

Event Anywhere: The All-in-one, Powerful Virtual Event Platform 

Event Anywhere is a one-stop solution for professionals and companies, designed to harness the power of virtual events with a feature-packed formula. This platform has made the transition from in-person to virtual events, completely seamless. 

From online event hosting to executing seamless virtual events, the software is purpose-built and can tackle all kinds of event management hurdles.

A one-of-its-kind online event hosting platform, Event Anywhere is transforming the way we work by providing integrated solutions for online events.

What Makes Event Anywhere So Powerful? 

The best thing about the Event Anywhere platform is that it walks the talk and here’s how: 

  • A user-friendly interface with an end-to-end event hosting capability 
  • The capability to host, execute and track virtual events 
  • The ability to easily schedule virtual events and video meetings on the go

It’s more than just a digital event platform – it’s your very own personal assistant for all types of virtual events, conferences, and meetings. 

A typical virtual event on this powerful platform will include the following action-packed features, that make the transition to virtual, completely hassle-free and engaging for all the stakeholders involved:

  • A fully customized welcome message, in an audio or video format to greet the event participants 
  • Featuring logos of event owners and sponsors 
  • A schedule of events that attendees can add to their calendar as well 
  • A public timeline featuring introductions and messages from the host and participants for networking and ice-breaking
  •  A collaborative exhibition hall with meeting tables; participants can pull up a chair and join any meeting table to network and engage in meaningful discourse 
  • A fully customizable and intimate meeting space for participants, allowing them to create meetings and add required attendees
  • An immersive live stage feature where the host presents, engages with the audience through screen sharing or video presentation, and a live chat box feature for the participants to chip in as well 
  • A fun and unique networking feature built on the roulette ideology that hooks participants in video meetings with any of the other active members
  • The capability of networking in breakout rooms 
  • Features to record your screen and meetings for future use and record-keeping
  • The ability to view profiles of other professionals on the platform along with the feature to create groups 


Who is Event Anywhere For?

Breakthroughs often come through meaningful collaborations and a virtual conference platform is an excellent way to foster this.

Event Anywhere is for anyone and everyone looking to host virtual events to increase outreach, eliminate barriers to events and engage participants in an immersive, virtual experience. 

Some popular uses of this browser-based, online event software include: 

  • Virtual conferencing 
  • Virtual events 
  • Virtual job fairs
  • Virtual networking 
  • Virtual expo booths
  • Video conferencing and meetings

How is Event Anywhere Transforming The Way We Work? 

The idea behind this simple yet innovative platform is clear – to provide a complete transformation of how we work and conduct our events. So how is this action-packed platform leading the change from in-person to virtual? 

  • Event Anywhere makes the job of an event manager much easier – this event management system is simple, easy to use, and offers a complete formula to register participants and execute the event in a few clicks 
  • It combines the effectiveness and power of various digital tools like video conferencing (like Zoom and Google Meet), calendar availability (like Calendly), and messaging (like Slack) in a single place 
  • Cost-effective solution for live streaming to large audiences to expand the footprint of an individual or a company 
  • Effective event tracking, reporting, and analytics to make informed business decisions on the success of events 

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