Less Apps Improves Work Focus

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Many people are plagued by the inability to focus at work. The ability to focus on one application for extended periods of time has been shown to be critical for success in the workplace, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. In fact, it can often be quite difficult.

A lot of the time, this problem stems from context switching—the act of switching between apps quickly and frequently. Context switching means that you’re constantly putting a lot of energy into something, then stopping and starting all over again with another app and task. This causes your brain to become easily distracted by other things going on around you, which can make it hard to stay focused on one thing for long periods of time.

All-in-one collaboration platforms are the future of work. They allow teams to share information, collaborate on projects and documents, and have more efficient conversations. They also make it easier for employees to do their job. In this article, we’ll look at why all-in-one collaboration platforms are so useful and what makes them better than using a variety of apps that don’t communicate with each other at all times.

The concept of an all-in-one collaboration platform is pretty straightforward: it’s a single tool that helps you manage everything from document sharing to video conferencing with your colleagues. The idea behind this type of software is that it helps everyone stay organized by enabling them to use one interface instead of having multiple apps open at once which can be time-consuming and frustrating when you’re trying to get things done quickly.

Work context switching is a pain for employees

You may be familiar with the term context switching, which is a phenomenon that occurs when an employee switches tasks or work contexts. For example, context switching can lead to interruptions and productivity loss, especially when it takes more than 30 seconds for someone to get back into the flow of work.

Context switching happens often at work. It’s hard enough to focus on one task at a time; having to switch between multiple tasks constantly can make it nearly impossible!

This problem is compounded by employees who have trouble keeping track of their projects and documents across different applications and devices. This makes it difficult for them to find what they were working on or who might be able to help when they need assistance—which leads us back around in circles until we’re no closer than before!

Apps that don’t work together cause data silos

Data silos are a significant problem because they make it difficult to create a holistic view of the project. If you can’t see data from all of your apps in one place, it becomes nearly impossible to find information and share it with your team. Data silos also cause problems when people leave or join your organization. The new employee has no way of accessing the same information as their predecessor for them to access past work histories such as video meeting recordings, messages and more.

All this is why we built Event Anywhere: our goal is not just to make video and chat collaboration easier than ever before but to do this without sacrificing security or privacy while doing so!

Siloed data creates barriers 

Data silos can make it difficult to find information and share it with your team. In fact, the CIO of a global corporation once told me that “if you don’t know where your data is, then you don’t own your data.” The problem with this is that if you can’t find or access the right information in time, then you may not be able to make a good business decision or provide support for an employee.

Often times in organizations there are multiple tools dedicated to specific purposes like CRM and HR systems. However, these tools often do not talk to each other so users are forced to enter the same information multiple times into different systems that aren’t integrated together! This leads us back to the issue of data silos where employees have no idea which system has the most up-to-date information about their account or project.

Messages, videos and live calls all in one place
Event Anywhere’s inbox lets you keep all your messages, voice notes and videos in one place. Live video meetings are just one click away with no context switching needed.

Easier onboarding process with all-in-one platforms

Our team has found that a lot of the time spent onboarding new employees is lost to context switching. When you have a number of different tools, it can be hard for your team members to keep track of where they are and what’s happening in each tool. In some cases, you might even have to go through the process of training people on how each system works before they can get started with their work.

But by using an all-in-one platform like Event Anywhere, you can eliminate this problem because it’s all built into one place. As soon as someone logs in for their first day on the job or signs up with an account (which only takes seconds), they’ll see all their important info right there: from meeting schedules to chat messages, videos to screencasts, networking for meetups and the live stage for all hands meetings.

Turn features on and off
Turn features on and off depending on your use case.

Turn features on and off

When you’re using Event Anywhere, you have complete control over the experience.

You can turn features off or on to meet your needs. If you’re a power user, use all the functionality of the reception area, timeline, chat, groups, live stage, networking and people directory. If you want fewer features, simply turn functions off and they disappear from the navigation bar. Turning features on and off lets you control permissions, and the user experience and simplify the platform when needed.

All Hands Meeting
All-hands meeting recording share with staff who missed the presentation

It’s time to simplify your collaboration software.

All-in-one collaboration platforms make teams more effective because they are easier to use, data is more accessible and employees are more engaged.

Employees are also more productive since all the communication features you need to do your job can be accessed under one platform.

Event Anywhere is an all-in-one platform with all the functionality of Zoom, Loom, Slack and Calendly rolled up into one. This means you have fewer monthly subscriptions for your collaboration software. You don’t have to integrate all your apps and there isn’t context switching for your team going from one app to the next.

No more time wasted copying and pasting information from one place to another. You can keep track of everything from one place—events, meetings, calendars videos and share them across multiple teams at once with ease.

Event Anywhere is a video-first collaboration platform. We believe that defaulting to video-first communication helps reduce back-and-forth emails and results in more human collaboration. Videos communicate a lot more than text-based documents, which means that you can spend more time on the parts of your project that matter most to you.

All-in-one collaboration platforms are a great tool for teams of all sizes to use. They reduce your workload by making it easier to collaborate, document and find information quickly. This means that you can spend less time trying to connect different apps together and more time getting important work done.