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As companies continue to grow and expand their reach, hiring teams are finding themselves in a constant battle for talent. With the sheer number of candidates that you need to review, it’s more important than ever to find new ways to streamline the hiring process and save time on administrative tasks. Asynchronous video interviews are quickly becoming one of the most valuable tools in recruiting because they allow both parties involved in an interview process to complete their interviews at any time during the day or night.

Telephone interview screening 

The traditional approach is to screen candidates with a phone interview and then schedule in-person interviews.

While this can be a great way to screen candidates, it’s also a huge time suck for both the candidate and the hiring team. The average phone screen takes about 30 minutes, which means that if you’re hiring for 10 positions at once (and some companies hire for more than that), you’re spending 300 hours of your time on phone screens. That’s an entire week! And it gets worse if you have multiple rounds of interviews before making your final decision—which many companies do.

Hiring with async video and recording interviews
Hiring with async video and recording interviews drives productivity and flexibility in the hiring process for both candidates and hiring teams

A new approach to hiring 

An asynchronous video interview can be completed at virtually any time, day or night. Candidates can record their answers at their convenience and submit them to you when they are ready. You’ll get the ability to review them in full whenever it works best for your schedule. Once you are happy with a candidate’s video you can use the self-service booking system on Event Anywhere to schedule a live video interview.

You can complete multiple rounds of interviews with candidates using a platform like Event Anywhere, which allows you and your team members to communicate with candidates while recording your conversations. This way, everyone has access not only to what was written down but also everything that was said during the conversation so there isn’t any confusion about what happened during each interaction – no more lost notes!

Async video interviews save both the candidate and your team time

Event Anywhere lets you power interviews with asynchronous videos for more flexible recruiting in two ways. Firstly, you can use video chat or groups to post video messages between hiring teams and candidates. Secondly, you can record a live video interview and share the recording in a group with hiring team members who weren’t present. In addition, there is a self-service booking system where candidates can choose interview slots and this reduces admin for hiring managers.

All of this means that candidates and your team can speak at times that suit them, instead of being forced into an inconvenient time slot. Candidates can also choose from a wide range of devices, locations and methods for conducting the interview—from their desktop computers to their mobile phones. Recruiters love asynchronous videos too because they save time. Recruiters can review as many candidates as they want, whenever they want. They don’t have to be in the office at a specific time and can watch videos in their own time and space. 

Future talent pipelines

For the hiring team, asynchronous video interviews save time and money. Asynchronous videos can also be recorded as points of reference so that recruiters don’t have to schedule another interview with each candidate who applies for the same position. Video libraries of candidates can be created for future hiring needs. Quality assurance of interview processes, questions and candidate engagement can all be measured with recorded videos.

Greater honesty with async videos 

In addition, candidates are more likely, to be honest in an asynchronous video interview than they would be in-person because they don’t have any physical cues like body language or facial expressions that could give away their true feelings about the job opportunity or organization as a whole.

Share interviews for quicker decisions 

Recorded live video interviews can be shared with the rest of the hiring team, including stakeholders and hiring managers. You can upload videos to internal platforms or share them through email, making it easy to share information within your team.

Video storytelling has become increasingly popular

Video storytelling has become increasingly commonplace in today’s world, and the number of people who are proficient in recording and sharing videos online continues to grow exponentially. With video interviews being more popular than ever before, it makes sense for job seekers to learn how to record and share their stories on video.

Asking candidates to send you a video will help you gauge their skills, but it also gives them an opportunity to show you who they really are—not just what they look like on paper or what their resume says they can do. And while there may be some nervousness at first (which is understandable!), most candidates will be able to overcome this by following a few simple tips:

  • Be prepared! Make sure your camera is set up properly before you start recording so that everything looks professional
  • Make sure that all equipment needed such as lighting or microphones work well together – this way any technical problems can easily be fixed later if needed
  • Have one person record while another asks questions – this way each person gets equal airtime

The key is to keep the process simple and transparent. If you can do that, then you’re well on your way to deploying effective video interviewing strategies that will save time and money for both candidates and recruiters alike.

Next Steps to Get Started with Async Video Hiring

Step 1
Create an Event Anywhere site

Step 2
Invite candidates via email to your site by sending your Event Anywhere URL.
Candidates create an account to send video messages, book interviews and join live video interviews.

Step 3

Start recording video messages for candidates asking questions. Candidates are notified automatically by email to reply to your questions.

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