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Agencies are notoriously bad at keeping their clients happy. In fact, most agencies’ primary client engagement strategy is a weekly meeting with the account manager and CEO. This one time-consuming meeting causes problems for everyone involved.

The client has less time to spend on revenue-generating activities like selling, planning, or hiring. Agencies lose out on billable hours that could have been spent making money; and the team members who aren’t part of that meeting—designers, developers, strategists—are stuck twiddling their thumbs while their colleagues prepare for the meeting or return from it with nothing left to do but wait until next week when they can do it all over again! It’s a big problem!

We at Event Anywhere want to help solve this problem by giving agencies the tools they need to run meetings more effectively by using asynchronous methods instead of synchronous ones like phone calls or video conferences.

You can start using asynchronous communication in two simple steps:

Step 1
Create an Event Anywhere site

Step 2
Download the Event Anywhere Screen Recorder

Event Anywhere Screen Recorder
Use the Event Anywhere Screen Recorder to Go Async with Meetings

Run your calls asynchronously instead of synchronously

If you’re like most business people, you’ve got a to-do list that is a mile long. If your job involves scheduling meetings with clients or other people, then you know how difficult it can be to find time for everyone who needs to meet with you. The problem here is that while a lot of people do need to meet with us on the phone at some point or another, most don’t really need an actual “meeting” in person—they just want to talk about something and get it out of the way so they can move on with their day.

That’s where synchronous calls come in. They allow us to communicate directly with our clients at scheduled times so we don’t have to worry about missing each other when we’re both free at different times during the week. However, these types of calls aren’t always ideal because they require us all to be available at once—and even if someone is able or willing this isn’t always possible because someone has another commitment going on.

Asynchronous calls are better for this reason because they allow both parties access whenever needed without having any restrictions placed upon them; thus allowing both sides more freedom over when things happen instead of sticking solely within predetermined boundaries set by other tools like calendars which offer no flexibility whatsoever!

Sean Sends Async Video Meeting Progress Update to Client
Async video meetings for clients with Instant video call or meeting booking options.

Asynchronous check-in videos instead of weekly meetings

Use asynchronous online check-ins to update your clients on client work and keep them updated on your progress. Instead of having a weekly meeting, which is often inefficient because you have to schedule an appointment, do it asynchronously. You can use Event Anywhere for this and get started for fee. The great thing about Event Anywhere is that it’s easy to use and accessible from anywhere with internet access.

You can also take advantage of these features:

  • Check-ins can be done whenever suits you best—it’s not limited by business hours or time zones anymore! No more staying up late at night just because your client lives in another country! That’s right; this means weekend work too!
  • Check-ins can be briefer than regular meetings since there’s no going off on tangents. In addition, they’re more frequent so both parties will get the information they need without having to wait days or weeks between updates.

Allow clients to communicate with your team members directly, instead of always coming through the account manager

To make this possible, you will have to ensure that clients can reach your team members directly. In addition to the account manager or director of business development, they should be able to contact your graphic designer and writer directly. Event Anywhere lets you create a private community between your team and the client’s team.

This step is crucial because it allows clients to talk with the people who are responsible for their jobs from start to finish. It also allows them easier access to information about their projects when they need it most. This means that if a client has an urgent question about a project, he or she doesn’t have to wait for approval from an account manager before finding out what’s going on with his or her job.

Most clients are happier when they hear less from their agency, not more

Most clients are happier when they hear less from their agency, not more. The same goes for your employees.

If you have a meeting, it’s best to keep it short and sweet. As a rule of thumb, the shorter the meeting (and the more people in attendance), the better it will go.

Most clients want fewer calls and less involvement in the day-to-day, not more

Most clients want to be informed of progress, not involved in the day-to-day. The more you know about your client’s thoughts and feelings, the more you can help them get what they want.

The best way to avoid misunderstandings is to communicate openly and clearly—and often! Make sure that your client understands that they don’t need to do anything except pay you for your services unless there’s something specific that they would like to provide input on. This will encourage them not only to trust you as their designer but also give them peace of mind by knowing that their project is in good hands with someone who has expertise in delivering successful results for businesses like theirs.

Meetings cause your team to stop working for 30 minutes or more every week, which can quickly add up to hours a month

Meetings are a waste of time. The average meeting lasts about an hour and a half. That’s one hour and thirty minutes where your team is not working on revenue-producing activities. Every week, that adds up to hours per month that could have been spent on revenue-producing activities. And the more meetings you have, the higher the cost of lost productivity becomes.

Asynchronous videos are recorded and can be forwarded to other stakeholders for review at any time

Asynchronous calls are recorded and can be forwarded to other stakeholders for review at any time. This is especially beneficial if you have a large team or multiple offices, as it allows everyone involved in the project to hear the discussion from the beginning.

If you’re looking for a way to share information with your team members, recording calls is an excellent way of doing so. You can then send this recording to other stakeholders who missed it live.

Make client engagement easy and productive with Event Anywhere

As a project manager, you are in charge of making client engagement easy and productive. While you may need to meet face-to-face with clients from time to time, it’s far more effective when you can communicate asynchronously via email or asynchronous video calls.

Asynchronous communications lessen the number of meetings so that a client can ask questions on their own time and have them answered immediately by the project team. This is especially helpful if they are not available in person, don’t have direct access to the right people who could answer those questions, or just want more time before responding back with feedback or approval of certain aspects of the work being done.

Asynchronous video calls help keep things moving forward by allowing clients to see progress being made on any given day without having to wait for someone at the office until next week’s meeting or worse – having them come into your office once per week just so they can see where things stand currently. It also gives them an opportunity much quicker than waiting until the end of each month’s meeting which means less waiting around overall!

In addition:

  • Asynchronous video calls allow both parties involved (client & consultant) more control over their schedules
  • Clients have more control over viewing content anytime they want without needing someone else present first
  • Allows consultants greater flexibility when answering questions throughout the process

By using asynchronous videos, you can free up as much as 90% of your client meetings. In other words, you’ll have more time to work on revenue-generating activities like creating content and reaching out to new prospects. This will help you keep the profits flowing in.

Next Steps to Get Started with Async Meetings

Step 1
Create an Event Anywhere site

Step 2
Download the Event Anywhere Screen Recorder

Step 3

Start recording your screen and post screencasts to your Event Anywhere site.
Post your screencasts to the “My Videos” private library, the public timeline or in private groups/chats.

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