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In 2016 Sean Gilligan, an established entrepreneur and founder, embarked on a journey to redefine the podcasting landscape by creating Sound Branch, a social podcasting platform. Gilligan understood the power of podcasts and their ability to foster engaging discussions, but he recognized the need for a more interactive and inclusive experience. However, he faced a unique challenge with his team of introverted Polish developers who preferred typing over speaking. In response to this, Gilligan astutely incorporated text posting to the platform, allowing users to engage through written communication.

Yet, the innovation didn’t stop there. Gilligan keenly listened to the diverse needs of his team and users. Recognizing the demand for video, he expanded the platform to incorporate video capabilities, transforming it into Watch and Learn. This evolution empowered users to not only engage through text but also visually, further enhancing the platform’s versatility and appeal.

However, a seismic shift occurred during the pandemic, prompting Sean Gilligan to envision a platform that went beyond mere engagement and interaction. Gilligan saw an opportunity to facilitate real-time, live experiences in a virtual setting, catering to the needs of remote collaboration and communication. Thus, Event Anywhere was born, an extension of Watch and Learn, now offering both on-demand and live experiences for communication, collaboration, and community building.

In this evolved platform, users can engage in live video experiences, bringing the immediacy and spontaneity of face-to-face interactions to the digital sphere. Gilligan foresaw the need for small, focused communities in the ever-expansive web, countering the vastness of large social media platforms. Event Anywhere allows users to create these communities within minutes, crafting walled gardens for live events or nurturing persistent, always-on online communities.

The emergence of Event Anywhere aligns with a notable trend on the internet—the rise of the “Cosy Web,” where individuals build and participate in small, specialized communities centered around specific topics. Event Anywhere embraces this trend, offering a space where users can build their communities effortlessly. This democratization of community building empowers users to engage deeply with their passions and interests, fostering meaningful connections and discussions.

Sean Gilligan’s journey from Sound Branch to Watch and Learn, and ultimately to Event Anywhere, exemplifies entrepreneurial vision and adaptability. He adeptly addressed the needs and preferences of both his team and the wider user base, culminating in a platform that not only facilitates communication and collaboration but also empowers users to build communities that resonate with their interests, all while embracing the evolving dynamics of the internet.

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