Virtual Event Software: A New Category

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Through live and recorded videos, virtual events platforms like Event Anywhere have made it easier than ever to bring people closer together. These are new software categories that have emerged during the pandemic. 

With Event Anywhere, you can go beyond the capabilities of traditional video conference calls when hosting virtual events with target audiences such as employees or conference attendees.

Event Anywhere is an all-in-one virtual conference platform supporting:

  • Virtual Events
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Hosting
  • Video Messaging

Maximise your use of the Event Anywhere digital event platform in 10 ways:

  1. Stream live video presentations to 100, 1,000, or even 10,000 people. Since live streams are recorded, attendees who weren’t able to attend can watch your video later.
  2. Use the exhibition hall for group networking wherein attendees can move from one video room to another without needing administrator permission.
  3. Get connected with fellow attendees through Event Anywhere’s networking feature. In this online exhibition software, there’s a video roulette function which you can click to start randomly calling other attendees with whom you might have common interests.
  4. Build empathy online by sending video messages and voice notes.
  5. Record screencasts you can use for your pieces of training, demos, or show and tell.
  6. Analyse how your meeting is performing by viewing advanced analytics to see the people who are engaged and the places they visit on your online event hosting platform.
  7. Message or video call people and see who among them is online. You can also view their job titles and company names.
  8. Set your meeting availability in your online calendar so that people can book appointments with you. This saves time and effort from having to align meeting schedules through emails.
  9. Send video messages to people outside your organisation. You can include a video call button for callbacks with no login needed.
  10. See who played your video or voice message in group chats through delivery receipts.


All video meetings held in Event Anywhere are transcribed and searchable. To learn how your organisation can benefit from this virtual event software, visit:

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