How to Stop the Great Resignation

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In this time when working from home has become more prevalent, the challenge is how do you build empathy and community online. People want flexible work but they also need connection. Working from home means the noise has been turned down. We used to hear the office buzz and chat with people next to our desk. Now, we are working from home and don’t hear our team as much unless we are on a video call.

While this arrangement gives greater focus to the work we do, it might seem that the work has become less friendly and lacks empathy and community interaction. In time, these might become the reasons why someone wouldn’t stay longer in a job. Here are 3 examples of how you can build a better community at your workplace and stop the great resignation:


Virtual Coffee

Lots of video meetings are formal. Sometimes, the less formal conversations are more relevant to the business to help employees take a breather so that they can return to working more refreshed. When doing online event hosting, don’t forget to include virtual coffee. This promotes social conversations and simulates the spontaneity of water cooler conversations.


Daily Debrief

When conducting daily debriefs through a virtual conference platform, make sure to use voice notes in departmental groups or company public timelines. This creates transparency and demonstrates how each person is aligned to achieve business goals. 

Debrief at the end of the working day as a retrospective. It’s fantastic to listen to people on how they are getting on and how their work is helping you. People who have had a great day can be praised. Peers and managers can give comments to staff who need support.



People want to develop and enhance their skill set. Use your virtual event software to share screencasts of quick training tutorials to support skills enhancement. Screencasts are quick to record and help people learn new things. When people help each other, they can build trust and stronger connections. 

A strong community is your defense against the great resignation. Using asynchronous tools in a virtual conference platform like empathetic video messages, voice notes, and video calls can help build a better community. 

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