3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Live Stage Presentations

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Conducting video meetings through a virtual conference platform has become a way of life. Live video has become second nature and essential to how we communicate with loved ones and colleagues. Video platforms like FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom meetings are commonly used. 

In businesses, schools, universities, and charities, there are times when a simple live-video delivery using some of the most familiar online event hosting platforms may not be effective. For instance, Zoom may have gained a reputation for reliable high-quality video, but what happens if you want to address 100 people, 200 people, or perhaps 1,000 people? 

When you are addressing a large crowd remotely, it is no longer practical to mute everyone and peer into everyone’s home. As such, larger online audiences need specialised online event software to deliver presentations in a way similar to running a TV channel. 


Virtual Live Stage Is the Way To Go

Speaking to large audiences using streaming video is better done from a live stage. With this online events technology, you can engage with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of audience members for your virtual town hall speeches, meetings, assemblies, lectures, and other types of public speaking.


Eliminates Distractions

Your typical online event hosting software doesn’t work at scale when there are too many video windows. Seeing too many video rooms becomes distracting not only to the presenter but also to the members of the audience.

If you are the presenter, live stages allow you to stream your video presentation. The audience can see you but does not have the distraction of seeing fellow audience members inside their private spaces. Multiple presenters can join the live stage to get involved in panel discussions. Using a live stage eliminates distractions and it’s quicker to get started with your talk rather than waiting to see who has joined. 


Easier Interaction

On the live stage, audience members interact and ask questions through a real-time, text-based chat. Presenters can read out questions when appropriate. If you are a presenter, you can use live polls to gain further feedback from the audience and gauge their opinions. If you’re hosting a competition, a live poll will let them see how many people have voted for a certain item as well as the overall result.

Audience members with stage fright don’t have to be seen because the live stage only allows presenters to be seen via web cameras. You can ask audience members to join the stage but these users have to be set as presenters. 

Award ceremonies would be one such example where award winners from the audiences are asked onto the stage to accept their award. Furthermore, the live stage feature gives you a list of the names of the attendees and an overall attendance count. 


Watch for Later

One of the unique features of the Event Anywhere digital event platform is that you can place live stage recordings and other videos on a public timeline. The public timeline is similar to a social media feed that allows users to like, comment, and play content. You get to see which individuals have played your content and message those people for further feedback.

People who can’t attend your live stage presentation don’t need to be left disappointed. All live stage presentations can be automatically recorded. Recordings can then be played back and shared.

Recording live stage presentations means nobody misses out. You can use the recordings to be repurposed into future content for social media, websites, or other video hosting platforms. Sharing recordings of presentations expands your reach and makes you accessible to everyone.

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